Hot & Sour Soup


Serves 6

2 tablespoons tamari or soy sauce
1/2 pound shitake mushrooms – stems removed, wiped clean & sliced
1/2 pound white mushrooms – stems removed, wiped clean & sliced
1 tablespoon corn starch
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon brown rice vinegar
6 cups water or vegetable broth (or a mix)
1 pound tofu – cut in 1/4 inch strips
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1/4 bunch scallions – sliced
1/4 bunch cilantro – roughly chopped


  1. Bring water or broth to a boil. Add tamari, vinegars, sesame oil and pepper.
  2. Add mushrooms and cook until tender. Adjust seasoning, keep hot.
  3. Half an hour before serving bring back to boil and add the tofu.
  4. Meanwhile, mix cornstarch with an equal amount of water. Pour about 1/4 of this mixture into a bowl with eggs and whisk thoroughly. Set aside egg mixture and add rest of cornstarch water mixture to pot of hot soup a little at a time while stirring over a medium heat until thickened. Turn off heat and drizzle in egg mixture without stirring. Let the egg mixture sit on top for a minute then gently stir into soup.
  5. Garnish with scallions and cilantro.