Service Retreats

“How do I apply mindfulness when I’m not formally meditating but doing everyday things?”

Service retreats help us bring meditation practice into whatever we engage in outside of the meditation hall.

A service retreat at IMS involves five hours of silent work-as-practice activities each day. During this time, participants are encouraged to relate to events, interactions with staff, and arising thoughts and feelings, with the same openness they cultivate during sitting and walking meditation. The deepening of this presence of mind throughout all the activities of daily life is just as important as the process undertaken in formal sitting and walking practice.

There is much to be done at IMS. We depend on service retreatants to help us operate, particularly in our Housekeeping and Kitchen departments.

Participation is limited to experienced meditators and requires a high degree of self-reliance. Since the work can be physically demanding, a moderate level of physical fitness is required.

A service retreat is residential. No nightly rate applies – all that is required is a non-refundable $50 application processing fee.