Service Retreats

A service retreat, whether at the Retreat Center or Forest Refuge, provides an opportunity to meditate at IMS alongside five hours of daily service-as-practice activities.

Service retreatants stay at either the Retreat Center or Forest Refuge and take part in all activities of their scheduled retreat. In addition, they undertake daily service activities (e.g., in the kitchen or with housekeeping) which are conducted in silence and allow retreatants an opportunity to apply mindfulness to all action throughout their day.

In undertaking a service retreat you are offering IMS a form of dana (a heartfelt donation) through your efforts. Service retreatants play an important role at IMS, helping us to ensure the smooth functioning of our retreats for all, therefore, there is no daily rate for those who participate in this form of practice.

Participation in service retreats is limited to experienced meditators and requires a high degree of self-reliance. Since these activities can be physically demanding, a moderate level of physical fitness is required.