Staff life at IMS

Staff Life

Staff life offers a rich and intensive learning experience that demands a strong personal commitment. A willingness to embrace hard work and to meet challenges is key. Meditation, connecting with like-minded people, friendship and deepening wisdom are all benefits.

We employ about 45 staff to operate our two facilities – the Retreat Center and the Forest Refuge. Twenty or so live in comfortable on-site accommodations. Known as residential staff, their job functions directly support retreat life, and range from maintenance and housekeeping to cooking and office work.

Non-residential staff live off-site and generally perform administrative or managerial functions.

IMS offers modest compensation and a variety of benefits for full-time staff including health insurance, paid time off and retirement contributions. There is also ample access to dharma offerings at both centers, as well as a special Staff Sangha Program, designed to enhance the staff experience.

While retreat life at IMS is quiet and serene, working behind-the-scenes can be another story! Staff life is quite different from being on silent retreat or living in a monastery. Jobs are often fast-paced, with pressures and deadlines as intense as many other workplaces.