Job Application

How to apply

Current job openings are located on our Openings page. Each job posting provides detailed information about the position and its application requirements. All positions at IMS require a commitment to observing the five training precepts.

To apply for any current opening, please complete the Staff Application Form, provide a cover letter and résumé, and submit your materials to us, preferably by email.

Please note that IMS can only consider applications from those already authorized to work in the US.

Job preview

IMS seeks to employ the best available candidate for each position. After preliminary interviews, we may invite an applicant, especially for a residential staff position, to visit us for a few days.

Such a visit provides an opportunity to experience the work environment, try the job and meet staff members. This is called a job preview, and if it proves to be a good two-way fit, we may then offer the position.

Contact us

For further information, contact:

IMS Human Resources
Phone: 978-355-4378 ext. 335