Retreat reflections and experiences


IMS is the first place where I’ve felt a true spiritual connection to my inner self. Thanks to IMS and its teachers, I can appreciate my life and be of help to those around me.

This retreat made such an enduring shift in my life–I’d want everyone to have this opportunity.

The powerful energy of sitting with sangha on retreat supports my practice beyond what I’ve been able to gain alone.

I feel inspired to continue this practice in my everyday life.

Thank you again for all that you did for all of us. I am back in my home and work a much better person because of the work you all do at IMS.

I feel much gratitude for your work and service to the dharma. Like the passing of a breath or cloud I’ll be driving away much lighter and clearer to face the world and life ahead.

My heart has been opened, and the feelings have been indescribable! I have a new way of living my life now. I feel I have been given a beautiful gift this week. I have found the answers I was looking for within myself. I came here feeling hopeless, sad and lonely, but am leaving feeling happy, joyful and excited. I look forward to continuing my meditation practice when I go home.