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Registration is still open for this retreat!
A Bi-Weekly Gathering on Tuesdays

Metta Sangha 2023

Join us as we practice lovingkindness together as a way to explore compassion, the power of love, joy in the happiness of others, and balance of mind experienced as equanimity …

Registration is still open for this retreat!
A Bi-Weekly Gathering on Mondays

BIPOC Sangha 2023

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Sangha is a bi-weekly gathering of self-identified BIPOC practitioners who meditate together and explore the teachings of the Buddha in the light of personal experience. Each bi-weekly session offers a short talk, guided meditation, and/or a silent sit for 30 – 40 minutes. Some gatherings add a 10 – 15 minute question and response period to help support the practice …

Registration is still open for this retreat!
Weekly on Mondays

Monday Night Meditation 2023

Each week, the teacher will offer a topic for discussion, meditation guidance, and the opportunity to sit together in stillness.

Registration is still open for this retreat!
A Monthly Gathering on Thursdays

Insight Recovery Sangha 2023

For anyone (self-identified) who is working with strong cravings or addictions, the purpose of this group is to foster community and learn how to apply teachings on mindfulness, compassion and wisdom to our recovery program.

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The IMS Online Learning Center is a new website offering access to our latest IMS Online programs, beginning in October, 2021. We built the IMS Online Learning Center after receiving feedback from students and teachers seeking a simple and convenient way to access all of their IMS Online programs in one location. While your past online programs will remain in their existing location at this time, new programs, beginning October 1, 2021, will be offered in the Learning Center. Over time, we hope this simplifies your learning journey, makes it easier to access past Dharma talks, and offers a greater sense of community via discussion groups and other tools.

Go to and browse the available programs. Click on your desired program, select your sliding scale registration fee, and click “Enroll Now.

As of October 1, 2021, most new IMS Online programs will only be available in the IMS Online Learning Center. A library of past programs remains available on-demand at

Yes. If you have previously registered for a program on, that program remains available to you on for the agreed-upon duration. You may wish to maintain your account even as we transition our new programs to the IMS Online Learning Center.

Yes. If you attended an IMS Online retreat between April 2020 and September 2021 and were given access to a private webpage with the Zoom recordings, those pages will remain active through January 1, 2023.