COVID-19 Update

Effective May 1, 2024

  • IMS will no longer require COVID testing for yogis, staff, or teachers to attend retreats. This decision was made after the CDC updated COVID and all respiratory virus recommendations as of March 1, 2024, aligning care and protection strategies for COVID with those of the flu and RSV, and with recognition that COVID numbers have dropped significantly. We will continue to monitor conditions as they change, and will adapt our policies as necessary to ensure safety for all yogis, teachers, and staff.
  • Of course, we are still committed to the safety and health of the retreat container. We will continue to ask yogis to report any symptoms of sickness, and for those with cold and flu-like symptoms, we will provide them with a mask and ask that they wear it in public spaces. The hope is to move towards a culture of taking care of ourselves and others by self-monitoring symptoms, and reducing transmission of any possible sickness. More significant symptoms will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with Retreat Support offering support for yogis to make it to a doctor, stay out of public spaces, and to transition back home if needed.
  • We recognize this may come as a concern for some and a relief to others, and we invite any questions or feedback you may have.

Here’s what we’re doing for your safety and ease:

  • Operating in full compliance with CDC and Commonwealth of Massachusetts guidelines.
  • Regular testing protocol for IMS staff.
  • Upgraded HVAC systems and mobile filtration systems increase airflow and filtration throughout our buildings, as recommended by professionals in COVID safety.
  • Suspension of some yogi jobs to reduce safety concerns. Optional opportunities for mindful service will be offered to support your practice.
  • All accommodations remain single occupancy.
  • Hand sanitizing stations located across campus.
  • Frequent deep cleaning and sanitizing across campus.
  • Payment in full for retreats is required one week prior to arrival to reduce crowds at check-in time.

Information is subject to change as conditions merit.

(Updated 4/15/24)

* * *

IMS remains committed to offering spiritual refuge for all who seek freedom. We will continue to offer transformative online retreats and other community events that connect and heal. Throughout this period, we will work diligently to find new ways to support you in your work and practice. And even as we offer help to all who suffer, we too may need help.

For now, we rest in gratitude for our community. May all find health and healing in the weeks and months to come, and comfort in the strength and resilience of our sangha.