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Every day, IMS cares for its retreatants, teachers, staff, facilities and grounds. The income that’s needed to successfully operate our Retreat Center and Forest Refuge programs comes from two sources – course fees and donations. Since we try to keep our retreat fees as affordable for as many people as possible, revenue from this stream usually covers just half of our expenses.

This means that we must rely on the generosity of our community to balance our budget and to operate our centers in a sustainable way. Your support today ensures that IMS and the Buddhist teachings continue to take root and flourish, giving rise to greater peace and happiness in our world.

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The cultivation of generosity is the beginning of spiritual awakening. Generosity has tremendous force because it arises from an inner quality of letting go. Letting go gives us profound freedom and many loving ways to express that freedom. When the Buddha taught, he always began with generosity.

Sharon Salzberg