Monthly Giving

Sustaining the Sangha

Join a growing community of donors who regularly contribute to IMS’s monthly giving program, Sustaining the Sangha.

Dana, or generosity, is a sincere form of practice that opens our heart to ourselves and to others. Joining Sustaining the Sangha is an opportunity to cultivate this beautiful heart quality while nourishing our IMS community, helping us to care for our teachers and centers while keeping retreat fees affordable.

Pledging a monthly donation through automatic withdrawal from your bank account or by credit card is convenient, easy, and generates a steady stream of support to keep IMS and the teachings alive. Monthly amounts of any size add up to a significant gift over the year and are deeply appreciated.

For more information, please call our Development Office at 978-355-4378 ext. 230 or email

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Generosity is intimately connected with the feeling of lovingkindness. In a wonderful kind of reciprocity, we are inspired to give because of loving feeling, and in the act of giving we feel more love. Generosity becomes stronger and more delightful the more we engage in it.

Joseph Goldstein