CE Credits

CEs offered for psychologists, social workers and nurses.

Some states only allow CEUs approved by their in-state NASW chapters. Contact your state’s licensing board to learn if our courses meet your requirements.

2020 Courses Offering CEs

Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Approaches: Insight Meditation Retreat
January 9-16, 2020
25 CEs offered. NASW Authorization # D 80578

Retiro Residencial en Español
February 28 – March 1, 2020
6 CEs offered.  NASW Authorization #D 81055-1

Freedom Here & Now: Insight Meditation Retreat
March 10-15, 2020
15 CEs offered. NASW Authorization #D 81055-2

Embodying Kindness and Wisdom: Insight and Lovingkindness Retreat
April 14-21, 2020
21 CEs offered. NASW Authorization # D 80042-3.

Metta: Lovingkindness Retreat
May 13-20, 2020
21 CEs offered. NASW Authorization # D 80042-1.

Living Dharma: Mindfulness, Kindness and Wisdom
July 5-10, 2020
15 CEs offered. NASW Authorization # D 80042-7.

Cultivation, Investigation, Contemplation: Insight Meditation Retreat for Experienced Students
July 21-28, 2020
21 CEs offered NASW Authorization # D 80042-5.

Insight Meditation Retreat for 18-32 Year Olds
July 29 – August 5, 2020
21 CEs offered. NASW Authorization # D 80042-4


A CE fee is payable to IMS at the end of your retreat when you receive your certificate.

  • Psychologists and social workers: $50
  • Nurses: $25

Accrediting Organizations


Programs offering CEs for psychologists are co-sponsored by the Insight Meditation Society and the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for programs offering CEs for psychologists and their content.

Social Workers

CEs for social workers are authorized by the Collaborative of NASW and the Boston College and Simmons Schools of Social Work.


Nurses are welcome to pursue continuing education credit with IMS. As an approved provider through the APA and NASW, many certifying and licensing nursing boards will accept the CEs that IMS offers. Massachusetts nurses are assured of receiving CEs for any retreat approved by IMP (The Institute for Meditation and Psychology), because IMP has a relationship with the MA Board of Nursing. For other states, we strongly recommend that you contact the board through which you are licensed or certified, to learn of your particular requirements. Specific questions can be directed to your state board. Please refer to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for more information.