Meal Dana

Meal Dana

Offer a meal

Help IMS to continue a tradition that has flourished in Asia since the time of the Buddha – the offering of meals to spiritual practitioners.

Food is offered to meditators as a simple act of generosity and often celebrates a birthday, honors someone who has died, or commemorates another of life’s many milestones.

If you or your group of friends and fellow practitioners would like to offer a meal, you can provide us with a brief dedication. This will be inscribed on our Meal Dana board at either or both of our centers for a particular day or meal that you select. Dedications can be anonymous, or acknowledged with your name(s).

Donating a meal is a direct way to support the IMS community. We suggest the following amounts to help us meet our food costs:

Retreat Center Forest Refuge IMS (Both Centers)
 Breakfast $105 $55 $160
 Lunch $155 $85 $240
 Light Dinner $70 $30 $100
 Entire Day $330 $170 $500

If you have questions, please call 978-355-4378 ext. 230 or email

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