IMS Teen Retreat 2024

A fun, activity-filled retreat that allows young people to develop and value their natural spirituality within a supportive environment committed to the inclusivity of all.

  • Games
  • Music
  • Creative arts
  • Meditation instruction
  • Sitting & walking meditation
  • Small group meetings
  • Yoga & mindful movement
  • Bonfire on closing night
  • And lots more, all within the framework of mindfulness and generating greater wisdom and compassion
  • Five night, six day retreat
  • Designed for ages 15-19
  • Led by three experienced teachers
  • Supported by a group of trained adult mentors
  • Cost: $170 to $1,590 on a sliding scale
  • Scholarships available; no one turned away
  • Accommodations in private rooms


“The teens don’t just learn how to be on retreat, they learn how to be in the world. The Dharma has the potential to be a steadying life-long resource for them.”
—Jean Esther, TR Teacher

Tales and takeaways from TR alumni

Cara Lai invites you to open up, meditate, and get a little weird at the TR

The Teen Retreat has an incredible field of acceptance and love that you don’t get to feel as a teen in many other places.

TR Alumni

The Teen Retreat was my favorite week of every year!

TR Alumni

Meet the Teaching Team

Jean Esther

Jean has been involved with the TR for more than two decades—first as a mentor and now as a teacher.

Cara Lai

Cara became a TR mentor in 2014. Ten years later, she’s co-leader of this year's summer retreat.

Alexis Santos

Alexis began practicing insight meditation in 2001 and brings an intuitive & compassionate approach.

Support the Teen Retreat

The Teen Retreat provides a unique opportunity for young people to connect with themselves in a profound and transformative way. Please consider donating to help teens experience the power of retreat, regardless of their financial circumstances.