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Welcome to IMS Online, offering extraordinary programs in both the “Livestream” and “On Demand” formats. “Livestream” programs are for those who wish to attend live classes with our Dharma teachers on a pre-set schedule. “On Demand” programs are pre-recorded and can be viewed at any time.

We offer four types of online experience…

  1. Signature Programs: Retreat-style IMS courses lasting between 2 and 7 days. See full schedule below.
  2. Mini Retreats: Half-day practice intensives held on either a Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Daily Home Practice: Free guided practices and reflections to assist your daily routine.
  4. Special Events: Unique opportunities to learn with expert teachers in programs of various lengths and formats.

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About our program fees

As one part of our ongoing effort to expand access to the teachings of the Buddha, all IMS Online programs feature sliding scale registration fees, scholarship opportunities, and no-fee enrollment for those who request a fee-waiver. Our “Pay What You Can Afford” system supports the cultivation of a dynamic and inclusive community and contributes to the health and vibrancy of the sangha. Email for more information or to request a no-fee enrollment or scholarship. We thank our generous donors and full-fee participants for supporting the potential of all who wish to study the Dharma.

We hope these online experiences support and nurture you as we collectively move through this period of radical interdependence and transformation. The teachers and staff at IMS are working to bring you meaningful opportunities to connect with your practice and each other.