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Rasika (Martha) Link

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Rasika (Martha) Link

Rasika has been teaching Mindful Yoga at Spirit Rock during the February monthlong for 20 years. Her first trainings were from Kripalu followed by a certification in Iyengar Yoga in 1990. She began blending these two very different styles (yin and yang) and brought them to Spirit Rock.

During Covid she discovered a style of yoga from Brazil that focuses on the joints. The intention of this approach is to support functional mobility throughout our life as well as relax our nervous system. She discovered for herself that this was true and she taught this approach on zoom during the February and March Retreats at Spirit Rock in 2021.

She has led Yoga and Meditation Wilderness Retreats in the Interior of British Columbia, Woodacre and Oregon Coast for 20 years. She currently has an active zoom Mindful Yoga Sangha.

Rasika lives in Portland, OR near her two awesome grandchildren, named after trees, Juniper and Yewen. They remind her often of the preciousness of this human experience.