Empowering Our Hearts, Freeing Our Minds: Insight Meditation Retreat Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Registration for this retreat is closed

Registration is closed for this retreat.
January 16 - January 18, 2022 (Sunday to Tuesday)

All scholarship funds have been awarded.

Buddhadharma is a powerful force for developing harmlessness, equanimity, and awareness, all qualities that support clear seeing and effective action. During this retreat celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we will practice insight meditation while interweaving the teachings of the Buddha, Dr. King, and other civil rights heroes. With increased mindfulness and clarity, we will cultivate the capacities to liberate our own minds and hearts and to respond appropriately with wise, compassionate action in the world.

This retreat, open to all, will include meditation instructions and guidance, alternate periods of silent sitting and walking meditation practice, and talks about the teachings. There will also be optional periods of self-guided mindful movement practice. Short mindful relational practices will be introduced towards the end of the course.

Teacher Support: Most IMS teachers—like insight teachers around the world—offer their teachings freely, and rely on the generosity of students for their livelihood. Teachers do not generally receive compensation from IMS program fees. Click here to learn more about teacher support. There will be an opportunity to offer a contribution to your teachers at the end of this program, or you may donate now.