The Way Of The Buddha: Introduction + Module 1

This retreat is held online.

IMS Online
This retreat is held online.
February 01 - February 01, 2021 (Monday to Monday)

The Way of the Buddha: Core Teachings of the Dharma Path
Introduction to the Course
Sharon Salzberg
Module 1 | One Dharma
Joseph Goldstein

Monday, February 1 (7 - 8:15 pm ET)
Can’t make the live sessions? No problem. Course modules will be recorded and available to all who register.

The Way of the Buddha year-long course was originally conceived by IMS co-founder Sharon Salzberg as a way to support access to the essential teachings of Early Buddhist thought and practice from IMS's teachers. In this inaugural session of the course, Sharon will offer an overview and introduction to the program, followed by a pre-recorded talk by Joseph Goldstein on One Dharma.

As different Buddhist traditions take root in the West, is it possible to find an essential teaching that supports them all? In this first module of IMS's year-long course, The Way of the Buddha, IMS co-founder Joseph Goldstein reflects on the defining characteristics of the emerging Western Buddhism: One Dharma.

For 45 years, IMS has been a leader in Dharma education rooted in the foundational principles of Early Buddhism. Now, in The Way of the Buddha, IMS teachers from many generations offer the profound insights of the Buddha in a yearlong program designed to inspire and deepen your practice. For information about the full-year program, visit here.

For this module, sliding scale fees are $10, $20, or $25. We also offer no-fee enrollment for those who request a fee-waiver. Our “Pay What You Can Afford" system supports the cultivation of a dynamic and inclusive community and contributes to the health and vibrancy of the sangha. Email for more information or to request a no-fee enrollment.
**Note: if you are interested in taking the full program, the full-year course registration offers a discount over month-by-month registration and gives you access to all recorded materials for a full year. For pricing information on the full-year course, visit here.

Teacher Compensation: A Note on Dana (Generosity)
Most IMS teachers—like insight teachers around the world—rely on the generosity of students for their livelihood, and receive no compensation from course fees. All IMS online teachers receive a modest dana advance from IMS to guarantee a minimum level of financial support. (Click here to learn more about the dana practice.) There will be an opportunity to offer a contribution to your teachers at the end of this module.

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