The Seven Factors of Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat

Registration for this retreat is closed

Registration is closed for this retreat.
March 03 - March 08, 2020 (Tuesday to Sunday)

The Seven Factors of Awakening, known as the bojjhangas in Pali, the language of the original Buddhist teachings, are innate beautiful qualities inside of all of us that can be cultivated. The factors are mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, tranquility, concentration and equanimity. Through meditation practice, we can understand and develop these qualities, as well as deepen our commitment to awakening.

These factors are often referred to as “inner wealth” for meditators, because of their value to our practice – they strengthen the heart’s capacity to let go of harmful habits.

During this silent retreat, appropriate for meditators of all levels of experience, we will learn how to recognize, nourish and balance each of these seven factors.

An optional daily period of mindful movement will be offered by Éowyn Ahlstrom.

Two of our three scholarship rates are no longer available.

A limited number of You Choose fee spaces are available for ages 18 – 26. This means you can establish your own retreat fee, based on your financial means. A minimum of $20 per day is required (i.e. a minimum of $100 for the entire retreat). Email to apply.

A limited number of fellowships are available. People with a commitment to service - a deep desire to devote oneself to serving others through their profession - are eligible for a Hemera Contemplative Fellowship. Click here for more information and to apply.