Reserving Retreat Spaces for Black, Indigenous & People of Color Meditators

As part of IMS’s efforts toward greater diversity and inclusion, we reserve a portion of all retreat spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) meditators.

This applies to every course, whether at our Retreat Center or Forest Refuge, including any retreat where a lottery will be conducted.

We encourage you to apply, even if our website says a course is full – spaces for BIPOC meditators may still be available. And so we can support your participation in the retreat of your choice, please fill out the BIPOC affiliation section of the registration or application form.

Please note that these spaces will be reserved only until a certain time before courses begin. At the Retreat Center, for courses lasting a week or less, unused places we’ve held for BIPOC meditators will be released two months before the start date. For retreats longer than seven days, unused reserved spaces will be released four months prior.

At the Forest Refuge, any unused slots for BIPOC meditators will be released four months beforehand.