Spring Appeal: Expanding Access for All

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For more than 45 years, through so many complex and fragile times, IMS has been here to offer meditation guidance by dedicated and skillful teachers. Our ability to offer financial assistance has been essential to this work.

Today, our funds supporting scholarships, financial assistance, and supplemental teacher dana need to be replenished. Will you help us to rebuild these critical tools? You can make a difference by supporting:

  • Financial assistance and scholarships for on-campus and online programs. Help everyone access the teachings of liberation, regardless of financial means.
  • Support for teachers. Help us nurture our highly trained, diverse faculty who are devoting their lives to service.
  • And support for IMS’s R-1 visa fund for international teachers. Help ensure that they can travel to IMS with the return of on-campus retreats.

Will you offer someone the chance to attend a life-changing retreat? Will you help insight teachers from around the world pass on the Buddha’s wisdom for the benefit of all?

So that financial hardship is not a barrier for anyone to practice at IMS, our goal is to raise $250,000. Your contribution to this endeavor will enable more people to practice and share the Dharma and spread the wisdom and kindness our world so desperately needs.

Donate Now

With full heart and gratitude, from all of us at IMS!