November 23, 2022

Generosity Infuses IMS

Generosity is at the core of everything IMS does: the organization, the building, the grounds, the teachers, the volunteers, the staff, and you. IMS was founded through generous donations to purchase the property in Barre, MA. The first teachers, staff, and board members freely gave their time, energy, and wisdom. Donation after donation has built IMS into what it is today.

Even today, we would not be here without the yogis who generously give up their time to sit on retreat, to be open to receive what our teachers have to share. And while there are fees for our residential retreats and some of our online offerings, they are offered on a sliding-scale fee structure. This means that those who can offer more help ensure that those with less financial means can still attend. The financial assistance offered for both residential and online retreats is made possible by acts of generosity, big and small, by folks just like you.

If you’ve been on retreat here, you may have offered dana through the service of a yogi job. You may have made a one-time gift or monthly donation to IMS. That generosity helps us keep the lights on, care for this refuge, our teachers, and the sangha (you). There’s great joy in supporting people and purposes that are meaningful to you.

The generosity of heart and mind starts with what we are letting go of just to begin the practice–giving ourselves the time and space to meditate. Many others give to support our retreat practice, whether it’s covering shifts at work, caring for our loved ones (people and pets), or financially supporting our journey here.

These are all acts of generosity. 

How will you be generous this GivingTuesday? How will you open your heart to those spiritual friends on your path? What joy have you experienced? 

We would love to hear from you about the interplay between dana, kalyana mitta, and mudita—generosity, spiritual friendships, and joy in the happiness of others in your life.

We invite you to take a few moments to fill out this survey. Thank you!