IMS Movement Instructor

Monica Williams

IMS Teacher

Monica Williams

Monica grew up in Philadelphia, PA and has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over a decade. After her very first silent retreat at IMS in 2012, Monica knew right away that this was the path for her, and that someday she wanted to work and live at IMS! She moved to Barre, MA in July 2022 when she accepted the Retreat Support Position at IMS.

Monica earned an MA in Counseling, and worked as a MH Counselor specializing in trauma-informed care, substance abuse/addiction treatment, and family/relational work. Monica received her Teaching Certificate in Vinyasa Yoga in 2015 when her work and personal journey led her to deepen her connection with the body. Monica also strongly connects to the practice of Insight Dialogue, and most recently completed the Indigenous Tools for Living program to understand the importance of how body and land based tools support inter generational trauma healing work.

As a survivor of trauma and a person in recovery, Monica draws on her own personal journey in combination with psychology, Buddhism, and movement practice, to inspire folks to cultivate a deep loving connection with their bodies as a path to freedom and self-love. Through an authentic connection with the body, it is possible to bridge the gap between the human form and spiritual pursuits.