Honoring Sarah Doering

Sunday, June 9, was a day of wonderful blessings. This was the occasion to honor and celebrate the remarkable life of Sarah Doering, whose counsel and generous financial contributions have been vital for IMS’s development, as well as for the growth of a number of other centers such as the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.

The weather was clear and sunny, a perfect setting for the gathering at IMS of 140 family members, friends, staff and volunteers for the ceremony.

The event began in IMS’s Retreat Center meditation hall where stories and reflections about Sarah were offered by her family, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and Narayan Helen Liebenson. After refreshments in the dining room, Joseph Goldstein led a silent procession to the Memorial Wall at the Forest Refuge for a short ceremony there to inter Sarah’s ashes.


Sarah’s thoughtful support touched many lives, and nurtured the flowering of the Dharma in the West.