Heartfelt Wisdom: Insight Meditation Retreat

Registration is open, with a waitlist.

Wait List
Wait lists often move quickly, so consider registering even if a retreat is full!
December 14 - December 19, 2023 (Thursday to Tuesday)

This retreat is full with a short waitlist. To be added to the list, submit a registration and deposit.

Given the strong interest in this retreat, we are also now offering an online version that will include remote access to all talks and sits in the meditation hall, as well as the opportunity to participate in Question and Response sessions as well as practice discussions with online teachers. (Note that there is no direct interaction, including practice discussion, with the onsite teachers.) Please click here for more information and to register. If you have questions about the online option, email IMS Online at imsonline@dharma.org .

Can the qualities of friendliness, care, courage, joy and balance create the right conditions for the deepening of wisdom? Or are they simply beautiful expressions of it? Or both? While silently sitting and walking with meditative presence, and with guidance from the teachers, we can open more fully to the life both around us and inside of us. Through the quality of this connection, we can discover for ourselves how living with a sense of fullness and engagement might be possible. This retreat is open to all.

A limited number of You Choose fee spaces are available for ages 18-26. This means you can establish your own retreat fee, based on your financial means. A minimum of $25 per day is required (i.e. a minimum of $125 for the entire retreat). Email registration@dharma.org to apply.

All Hemera Contemplative Fellowships have been awarded for this retreat. Please feel free to check back here for any updates.

Teacher Support:
Most IMS teachers—like insight teachers around the world—offer their teachings freely, and rely on the generosity of students for their livelihood. Teachers do not generally receive compensation from IMS program fees. Click here to learn more about teacher support. There will be an opportunity to offer a contribution to your teachers at the end of this program, or you may donate now.