Cultivating Awareness & Wisdom: Insight Meditation Retreat

Registration for this retreat is closed

Registration is closed for this retreat.
April 26 - May 04, 2019 (Friday to Saturday)

When the mind is relaxed, aware and supported by skillful knowledge, wisdom arises naturally and we see our world through the eyes of the Dhamma. Seeing things “as they have come to be” is the foundation for well-being and liberation.

This silent retreat will emphasize developing a continuity of awareness that is supported by right attitude and right effort, gradually opening to awareness of mind, one of the four foundations of mindfulness taught by the Buddha. The open, receptive, appreciative qualities of metta (lovingkindness) and the caring, interested and responsive qualities of compassion arise naturally and spontaneously as we practice in this way.

Throughout this course, suitable for beginning as well as experienced students, the daily format will include self-scheduled periods of sitting and walking meditation practice to enhance self-reliance, regular group check-ins with the teachers, and an optional daily awareness in movement session led by Franz Moeckl.

This retreat is full with a short waitlist. To be added to the list, submit a registration and deposit.

All scholarship funds have been awarded.