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Talks on the practice of meditation are a vital aspect of the IMS retreat experience and help to bring alive the Buddha's teachings of freedom. At the Retreat Center, teachers offer talks on a daily basis. At the Forest Refuge, talks usually take place twice a week.


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Retreat Center Talks

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Forest Refuge Talks

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These are the 15 most recent talks available from each center. This list is automatically updated as soon as new talks are uploaded.

Material courtesy of Dharma Seed. Please support their service!

Retreat Center Talks

2014-04-16 Ajahn Sucitto
Where is the Buddha? And where am I?

2014-03-22 Chas Dicapua
Mindfulness Of The Body and Breath

2014-03-11 Greg Scharf

2014-03-02 Larry Yang
The Courage to Live - The Practice Of Forgiveness

2014-03-01 Larry Yang
Forgiveness Meditation

2014-02-27 Larry Yang
Equanimity - The Ocean Of Experience

2014-02-26 Winnie Nazarko

2014-02-24 Winnie Nazarko
Rejoicing In The Happiness Of Others

2014-02-19 Larry Rosenberg
Brain Washing, Part 3 - Everyday language, Dharma language

2014-02-17 Larry Rosenberg
Brain Washing, Part 2 - Everyday language, Dharma language

2014-02-16 Michael Grady
Making Room For "Clear Seeing"

2014-02-15 Larry Rosenberg
Brain Washing, Part 1 - Everyday language, Dharma language

2014-02-07 Pascal Auclair
First morning instructions on metta and guided meditation

2014-02-06 Howard Cohn
The Highest Happiness

2014-01-17 Mark Coleman
Opening Talk

Forest Refuge Talks

2014-03-25 Rodney Smith
Realm Of Practice and realm Of Abiding

2014-03-18 Rodney Smith
Releasing Our Imaginary Friend

2014-03-11 Rodney Smith
Abiding with Creation

2014-03-04 Rodney Smith
The Flame Of Now

2014-02-18 Annie Nugent
Views And Opinions

2014-02-04 Annie Nugent

2014-01-31 Marcia Rose
Through the Looking Glass ? The Reality of Not-Self

2014-01-24 Marcia Rose

2014-01-20 Rebecca Bradshaw
The Calming Factors of Awakening

2014-01-17 Marcia Rose
Metta-? The Heart's Release.

2014-01-14 Rebecca Bradshaw
The Energizing Factors of Awakening

2013-12-28 Greg Scharf
Mindfulness Of Mind

2013-12-20 Greg Scharf
Walking the Path

2013-12-17 Sky Dawson
Patience, Energy and Determination

2013-12-07 Ajahn Sucitto

Guided meditations

Joseph GoldsteinInsight Meditation Instruction
46 minutes, 10.7 MB (Download, Stream)

Sharon SalzbergGuided Metta (Lovingkindness) Meditation
47 minutes, 10.8 MB (Download, Stream)

Teacher picks – selected talks

Guy ArmstrongWorking With Difficult Emotions
IMS – October 27, 2006, 57 minutes, 13.5 MB (Download, Stream)

Christina FeldmanThe Wisdom of Disappointment
IMS – March 11, 2007, 44 minutes, 10.1 MB (Download, Stream)

Joseph GoldsteinLiberation Through Non-Clinging
IMS – November 19, 2008, 61 minutes, 28.2 MB (Download, Stream)

Narayan Liebenson GradyCompassion
IMS – August 23, 2007, 45 minutes, 8 MB (Download, Stream)

Myoshin KelleyCenter of the Cyclone
IMS – December 28, 2009, 60 minutes, 38 MB (Download, Stream)

Annie NugentTrust in the Unfolding Process of the Dharma
IMS – February 28, 2008, 55 minutes, 23.2 MB (Download, Stream)

Sharon SalzbergThe Force of Kindness
IMS Tele-talk – May 16, 2007, 26 minutes, 3.1 MB (Download, Stream)

Sharon SalzbergThree Personality Types
IMS – March 23, 2004, 48 minutes, 11.1 MB (Download, Stream)

Rodney SmithRadical Accountability
IMS – December 29, 2006, 47 minutes, 10.8 MB (Download, Stream)

Carol WilsonPerception of Impermanence
IMS – October 22, 2006, 60 minutes, 13.9 MB (Download, Stream)

Sangha News interviews

IMS publishes an e-news bulletin several times each year called Sangha News. It often features audio interviews with our teachers. Please join our mailing list to receive future issues.

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