BIPOC Sangha Online Weekly Sitting Group

Open to all self-identified BIPOC only.

Mondays, 6:00-7:00 pm ET

During weekly sessions, BIPOC IMS teachers will offer short talks, guided meditations and silent sittings of 30-40 minutes. Some gatherings will end with a short Q&R (question and response) during the last 10-15 minutes. Newcomers to meditation and long-time practitioners are welcome.

Our weekly BIPOC sangha provides a safe place where we can meditate together and explore the Buddha’s teachings of liberation in the light of our own experience.

Please register in advance here. Once you register, you’ll be provided with the Zoom link and passcode, that will give you access to all following sangha meetings.

A note on dana (generosity)

If you enjoy this free offering, please consider making a donation to support the teachers and IMS! (Click here to learn more about the Buddhist practice of dana, or generosity.)

Support the Teachers: Most IMS teachers—as with insight teachers around the world—rely on the generosity of students for their livelihood, and receive no compensation from course fees. All IMS online teachers, including the teachers of the BIPOC sitting group, receive a modest dana advance from IMS to guarantee a minimum level of financial support. If you would like to support the BIPOC sitting group teachers, please click here.

Support IMS: One of IMS’s deepest aspirations is to share the Buddha’s teachings with all who are interested, regardless of their ability to pay. We count on your generous support to operate our centers, to provide affordable rates and to give financial assistance to retreatants. To donate to IMS, please click here.