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A meditation retreat gives us tools for greater tranquility, wisdom and compassion.


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Explore, discover, learn – bring mindfulness and lovingkindness into daily life.

A Personal Retreat

Our Forest Refuge supports the practice of more experienced meditators, strengthening self-reliance and faith.

Insight Meditation Society

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Space Available ~ Retreat Center

The Wisdom of Equanimity, February 5–10, 2016 with Lila Kate Wheeler & Winnie Nazarko

Establishing Presence, February 19–24, 2016 with Winnie Nazarko & Annie Nugent

Awareness, Pure and Simple, February 25–29, 2016 with Madeline Klyne & Chas DiCapua

Full Retreat Center Schedule

Space Available ~ Forest Refuge

December 2015 onward

Full 2015 & 2016 Forest Refuge Schedules

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January Kitchen Working Guest

Buddhist Studies

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

New to Meditation?

What exactly do we teach at IMS? Primarily, we offer instruction and guidance in insight and lovingkindness meditations – practices that help bring genuine happiness to our lives.

"This retreat was needed and the timing was perfect. I gained the insight and the assistance I need to make a difference in my life.”

"I felt safe and cared for and had a remarkable retreat experience."


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