Join Annie Nugent and Devin Berry at the FR in Aug—Space Available!

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2023 Retreat for Mindfulness-Based Professionals – Registration Now Open

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New Opportunities to Work at IMS—Join Us and Spread the Word!

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Funding for BIPOC and 18-32 Year Olds for Longer-Term Practice in 2022

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Funding Available for BIPOC at the Forest Refuge in 2022

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BIPOC Sangha — Every Other Monday at 6:00 pm ET

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Join the IMS Book Club!

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Dharma Talks and Meditations

Talks on the practice of meditation are a vital aspect of the IMS retreat experience and help to bring alive the Buddha’s teachings of freedom. At the Retreat Center, teachers offer talks on a daily basis. At the Forest Refuge, talks usually take place twice a week.

Your IMS Retreat—What to Expect

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Image of the buddha

The spirit of generosity guides all aspects of IMS’s vision and operations

Generosity is the first of the ten parami, or qualities of character, that the Buddha taught his students to cultivate. The practice of generosity develops lovingkindness and compassion, deepens awareness of our interconnectedness and encourages non-attachment.