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A meditation retreat gives us tools for greater tranquility, wisdom and compassion.

A Personal Retreat

Our Forest Refuge supports the practice of more experienced meditators, strengthening self-reliance and faith.

Sustain Your Practice

Explore, discover, learn – bring mindfulness and lovingkindness into daily life.


Space Available ~ Retreat Center

Your Life Is Your Practice, August 24–26, with Narayan Liebenson

Discovering Freedom: Labor Day Meditation Weekend, August 31 – September 3, with Anushka Fernandopulle & Pascal Auclair

Freedom and Ease of Being: A Meditation Retreat for Our LGBTIQ Community, September 4–9, with Pascal Auclair & Anushka Fernandopulle

2018 Retreat Center Schedule

Space Available ~ Forest Refuge

2018 Forest Refuge Schedule

The Forest Refuge 2019 schedule will be available during the first week of April.

Job Openings


Assistant in Communications & Development

Forest Refuge Office Coordinator

Buddhist Studies

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

New to Meditation?

What exactly do we teach at IMS? Primarily, we offer instruction and guidance in insight and lovingkindness meditations – practices that help bring genuine happiness to our lives.

“This retreat was needed and the timing was perfect. I gained the insight and the assistance I need to make a difference in my life.”

“I felt safe and cared for and had a remarkable retreat experience.”

Our Commitment

As the US and the world face significant challenges and upheaval, IMS affirms its commitment to providing a spiritual refuge, where everyone who comes to practice at our centers feels welcomed, honored and included.

We dedicate ourselves to the Buddha’s teachings that hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone, and remain steadfast in upholding non-harming and nonviolence as the pillars of compassionate action.

Never has our meditation practice provided a more important foundation for wise engagement. We counter the destructive forces of greed, hatred and delusion by cultivating friendliness, joy, generosity and peace. These are boundless qualities that inspire our vision and deepen our resilience. They include all, and prompt action that can offer safety and protection for anyone whose race, skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, religion or immigration status puts them at risk.

May oppression and division, and all their causes, be dispelled. May the force of kindness and the power of our collective commitment to justice, inclusiveness and awakening serve all.