Awakening : Insight Meditation Retreat for Experienced Students – RN (7 days)

December 7 – 14, 2018 (Friday to Friday)

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This retreat is full with a waitlist. To be added to the list, submit a registration and deposit.

All scholarship funds have been awarded.

This silent retreat will focus on Awakening. When we free awareness from the bonds of our personal narrative and mental projections, we are no longer governed by our fears or compulsions. Teacher guidance will help retreatants to strengthen a fearless presence that holds all life in love and without contraction.

An optional daily period of qigong will be offered by Ellen McCown.

Participants are required to have sat at least three silent residential retreats of a week or more with a recognized insight meditation teacher, and have three years of meditation practice in a Buddhist tradition. Please document this when registering.


Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith is a retired IMS guiding teacher and former Buddhist monk. He worked in hospice for 17 years and is the founding teacher of the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. The author of several books, his most recent is Touching the Infinite: A New Perspective on the Buddha's Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

Listen to one of Rodney's talks: Abiding with Creation given at IMS on March 11, 2014 – 44 minutes, 30.4 MB Download

Narayan Liebenson

Narayan Liebenson finds it a joy and a privilege to share the Buddha’s teachings with all who are interested. She serves as an IMS guiding teacher, and has been a guiding teacher of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center since 1985. Her training includes over 35 years in the Theravada tradition, as well as ten years in Chan with the late Master Sheng-yen.

Listen to one of Narayan's talks: Don't know mind given at IMS on July 18, 2015 – 57 minutes, 39.5 MB Download


Matthew Hepburn

Matthew Hepburn caught fire with the Dharma through retreat practice in his early twenties. He began offering vipassana instruction in 2012 at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, where he is continually inspired by the deep Dharma of daily living. He is a participant in the 2017–2021 IMS Teacher Training Program.

Neesha Patel

Neesha Patel, PhD is grateful for the joy and privilege of sharing the Buddha’s teachings. She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and practice in both Asia and the US. Her meditation practice has been deeply influenced by the guidance of Sayadaw U Tejaniya and other teachers. She is a participant in the 2017-2021 IMS Teacher Training Program.