Retreat Center – Financial Assistance for Ages 18–26

To support the practice of young adults, IMS invites anyone aged 18–26 to apply for a You Choose fee space.

You Choose means you can establish the rate you are able to pay, based on your financial means. A minimum of $20 per night is required. (Paying more, though, allows IMS to continue offering financial aid to as many people as possible.)

A limited number of these spaces are available for certain Retreat Center courses – see below. If you are in this age group, and would appreciate an increased level of aid to help you sit an IMS retreat, please submit a financial assistance application.

You might also consider our Insight Meditation Retreat for 18–32 Year Olds, July 25 – August 1, 2018, which is entirely offered on a You Choose fee basis.


Awareness, Pure and Simple: Insight Meditation Weekend, January 19–22

Wisdom and Compassion for Our Time: Insight Meditation Weekend, February 22–25

Living Dharma: Mindfulness, Kindness & Wisdom, April 21–25

Liberation of Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness Retreat, May 25 – June 3

Freedom and Ease of Being: A Meditation Retreat for Our LGBTIQ Community, September 4–9

Living the Buddha’s Teachings: Insight Meditation Retreat, December 15–20