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Retreat Center – Financial Assistance for Ages 18–26

To support the practice of young adults, IMS invites anyone aged 18–26 to apply for a 'You Choose' fee space.

'You Choose' means you can establish the rate you are able to pay, based on your financial means.  A minimum of $15 per night is required. (Paying more, though, allows IMS to continue offering financial aid to as many people as possible.)

A limited number of these spaces are available for certain Retreat Center courses – see below. If you are in this age group, and would appreciate an increased level of aid to help you sit an IMS retreat, please submit a financial assistance application.


The Buddha's Way to Happiness, February 5–9, 2014

Kindhearted Awareness, March 7–12, 2014

Awareness, Pure and Simple, March 21–23, 2014

Living the Buddha's Teachings, December 18–23, 2014

For anyone aged 18–32, please consider the Young Adults retreat, Investigating Life, July 23–30, 2014, which is also offered on a 'You Choose' fee basis.

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