Freedom Here & Now: Insight Meditation Retreat

Registration for this retreat is open

Registration is still open for this retreat!
March 10 - March 15, 2020 (Tuesday to Sunday)

An often unexamined view in the mind of meditators is that our freedom and happiness will come about some time in the future, and after a lot of hard work.

While diligent effort is certainly an essential aspect of the meditative path, learning how to relax the mind and body is equally as important. As this relaxation deepens, the grasping of the mind’s wanting and not wanting is naturally diminished. This allows for a fuller connection with the present moment and the compassion and wisdom that naturally develops from that.

Through silent sitting and walking practice, guided meditations, instructions and meetings with teachers, we will explore the very real and obtainable freedom that can be found right in this very moment.

This course is suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators.

This program qualifies for continuing education credits for psychologists, social workers and nurses. Please check our CE page for more information.