The Middle Way ~ Finding Our Natural Resting Place: Monastic Retreat

Registration for this retreat is closed

Registration is closed for this retreat.
April 03 - April 12, 2018 (Tuesday to Thursday)

Spaces still available!

A limited number of fellowships for Educators, Health Care Professionals and Artists are available.

Western nuns and monks from the Theravada monastic tradition teach each year at the Retreat Center.

The Buddha taught the Middle Way between the two extremes of indulgence and repression as a means to abide in true peace, clarity and joy. On and off the cushion, living this Middle Way takes us beyond stress and boredom by offering a template to engage from a place of stability and openness. Together we will discover/rediscover how this practice bears fruit in real contexts, enabling us to be present and responsive to the way things are.

The framework of the Eight Precepts (which include abstaining from eating after noon), Noble Silence, chanting and simple ceremonies will provide a monastic container to hold and inspire us during this retreat. An optional daily period of yoga will be offered by Emily Carpenter.

Our wish is to make this retreat accessible to anyone who would like to participate. We offer a You Choose fee option for this course, charging a minimum of just $20 per night (i.e. $180 minimum total). Those who can contribute more, however, help IMS to continue providing financial aid to as many people as possible.