Local Meditation Class

Weekly meditation class

IMS’s Resident Teacher Chas DiCapua offers a weekly insight meditation class at IMS for both new and experienced meditators – all are welcome. The group meets Monday evenings, 6:00–7:30 p.m. in the Karuna House practice room. If this is your first time at IMS, or your first time at the meditation class, please contact Chas at chasd@dharma.org.

Monthly mini-retreat

To help deepen formal practice, Chas also leads a monthly “mini-retreat.” This is an evening (5:30–9:15 p.m.) of sitting and walking meditation, together with a talk about the teachings and a discussion.*

The remaining 2018 and complete 2019 dates are below. For more information, please contact our office at 978-355-4378 or rc@dharma.org. If this is your first time at IMS, or your first time at a mini-retreat, please contact Chas, the teacher, at chasd@dharma.org.

2018 mini-retreats

Dec. 6

2019 mini-retreats

Jan. 8
Feb. 12
March 28
April 25
June 4
July 23
Aug. 27
Dec. 12

*There will be no mini-retreats during the months of May and Sept. through Nov. 2019