July 9, 2020

Deepening Metta Practice: A Q&A Program with Sharon Salzberg

Deepening Metta Practice: A Q&A Program with Sharon Salzberg

Three hour-long sessions — Register for this recorded program, and participate at your own pace for 30 days!

Cost is sliding-scale: $90, $129, or $179 your choice.


Metta is the Pali word for friendship or lovingkindness. It is taught as a meditation that cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart. With its roots in practices said to have been taught by the Buddha himself, metta is traditionally offered along with meditations that enrich compassion, joy in the happiness of others and equanimity. These practices can serve as an antidote to fear, anxiety, and emotional withdrawal. Indeed, metta can heighten a sense of connection with others, help us be more assertive, and transform the most difficult of relationships.

In this three-day program, Sharon Salzberg explores the practical application of lovingkindness in daily life, answering practice questions submitted prior to each 60-minute weekly session. While it may not be possible to answer every question in every session, participants will benefit from the instruction offered, deepening their understanding of the Dharma, strengthening their practice, and learning how to integrate wisdom and compassion more fully into their lives.

The course format will include meditation instruction and silent sitting, followed by student questions and Sharon Salzberg’s answers.

Registration gives participants access to all three sessions.

A note on dana (generosity)
Most IMS teachers—like insight teachers around the world—rely on the generosity of students for their livelihood, and receive no compensation from course fees. All IMS online teachers receive a modest dana advance from IMS to guarantee a minimum level of financial support. (Click here to learn more about the dana practice.) There will be an opportunity to offer a contribution to your teacher.


Course Sessions

Session 1 (60 minutes)

Session 2 (60 minutes)

Session 3 (60 minutes)

Teacher Bio

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation pioneer and industry leader, a world-renowned teacher and New York Times bestselling author. As one of the first to bring meditation and mindfulness into mainstream American culture over 45 years ago, her relatable, demystifying approach has inspired generations of meditation teachers and wellness influencers. Sharon is co-founder of The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, and the author of eleven books, including the New York Times bestseller, Real Happiness, now in its second edition, her seminal work, Lovingkindness and her newest book, Real Change: Mindfulness To Heal Ourselves and the World, coming in September of 2020 from Flatiron Books. Sharon’s secular, modern approach to Buddhist teachings is sought after at schools, conferences and retreat centers around the world. Sharon is the host of her own podcast, The Metta Hour, featuring 100+ interviews with the top leaders and voices in the meditation and mindfulness movement, and her writing can be found on Medium, On Being, the Maria Shriver blog, and Huffington Post. Learn more at www.sharonsalzberg.com