Meal Dana

Help IMS to continue a tradition that has flourished in Asia since the time of the Buddha – the offering of meals to spiritual practitioners.

Food is offered to meditators as a simple act of generosity and often celebrates a birthday, honors someone who has died, or commemorates another of life's many milestones.

The table below indicates the average cost to IMS for providing meals. 

  Retreat Center Forest Refuge IMS (Both Centers)
 Breakfast $110 $60 $170
 Lunch $165 $90 $250
 Light Dinner $75 $35 $105
 Entire Day $350 $180 $525

If you or your group of friends and fellow practitioners would like to offer a meal, you can provide us with a brief dedication. This will be inscribed on our Meal Dana board at either or both of our centers for a particular day or meal that you select. Dedications can be anonymous, or acknowledged with your name(s).

Donating a meal is a direct way to support the IMS community. If you have questions, please call 978-355-4378 ext. 230 or email