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Website style sheet

  • Open dharma.org webpages in same window. URLs to other sites should be set to open in a new window. Only links to external websites & links to IMS documents (ie, Stock Transfer Form) should open in a new browser window.
  • italicize all Pali words, regardless of where they appear on a page (used to italicize only the first time the words appeared on a page)
  • Jun 6–10  en dash with no spaces (en dash alt + 0150)
  • Jun 6 – Jul 5  en dash with spaces
  • Links - only link items (such as the Forest Refuge to the FR page) the first time the item appears on a page
  • We are uploading both PDFs and Word docs of various IMS forms for now (job apps, planned giving forms, etc.)..at later date will change to interactive PDFs
  • We can’t do accordion styling in side bars