2014 Annual Report

IMS Annual Report of Operations
for the Fiscal Year 2014

(January 1, 2014  December 31, 2014)


During 2014, there were 268 days of teacher-led courses offered at the Retreat Center, and 365 days for personal retreats offered at the Forest Refuge. A total of 56 teachers, including 7 monks and 1 nun from the ordained sangha, plus 12 assistants taught the Buddha’s priceless teachings throughout this period. Retreat highlights included:

  • Courses at the Retreat Center for specific audiences: mindfulness-based professionals, women, people of color, teens, families, young adults (18-32 year olds), our LGBTIQ community, and experienced students.
  • Three courses at the Retreat Center were offered on a You Choose fee basis, allowing retreatants to establish their own course fee. Five You Choose fee spaces were offered at any given time throughout the year at the Forest Refuge for stays of 30 days or longer.


2,788 individuals participated in retreats at IMS during 2014. Some sat more than one retreat yielding a total of 3,157 registrations. Pertinent information about those who sat at IMS is a follows:

  • 17% were under the age of 32 years
  • 38% had never been to IMS before  
  • 27% received some form of financial assistance valued at $387,714
  • 36% of all yogi nights were supported with some form of financial assistance.
  • Our occupancy rate was 97% at the Retreat Center, and 76% at the Forest Refuge.

Financial results of operations

Total operating expenses for the year (net of depreciation and investment fees) were $4,071,293. Revenues from registrations for retreats covered 57% of our expenses; the rest came from donations and investment income. Clearly, IMS continues to rely heavily on donations to keep rates affordable and to sustain operations.

The following revenue and expense information is derived from our audited financial statement.

Operating revenue (not including investment income)

Retreat registration revenue
Sales, misc. & bank interest
Total operating revenue

Operating expenses (net of depreciation and investment fees)

Program services
Management & general
Development & outreach
Total operating expenses
Result of operations

* Includes donations received for and paid to teachers.
** The operational deficit was covered by the budgeted investment draw.

Please direct any feedback to Linda Spink, IMS Executive Director, at lindas@dharma.org.