Holistic Awareness: Monastic Retreat – MR (8 days)

April 7 – 15, 2017 (Friday to Saturday)

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This retreat is full with a waitlist of over 20 people. Please consider choosing another retreat.

Western nuns and monks from the Theravada monastic tradition teach each year at the Retreat Center. The 2017 course, open to all, will focus on holistic awareness – accessing an awareness that supports and balances the body, heart and mind. Retreatants are asked to observe the eight monastic precepts, which include abstaining from eating after noon each day, and to participate fully in the daily routine of silent sitting, standing and walking meditation. There will also be group meetings with the teachers.

Group practice will begin each morning with an offering to the Triple Gem, such as flowers, light (in the form of candles) and incense or water, as well as chanting. Along with the renunciation, the acts of offering and homage establish the heart-tone of the retreat.

Ajahn Sucitto will offer an optional session of qigong each afternoon.

Our wish is to make this retreat accessible to anyone who would like to attend. We offer a You Choose fee option for this course, charging a minimum of just $20 per night (i.e. $160 minimum total). Those who can contribute more, however, help IMS to continue offering financial aid to as many people as possible.


Ajahn Sucitto

Ajahn Sucitto became a bhikkhu in Thailand in 1976. He has been closely associated with Ajahn Sumedho since 1977, and was abbot of Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery in Chithurst, England from 1992 to 2014. He has taught at IMS since 1989. Free-distribution books, articles and talks can be downloaded from his website.

Listen to one of Ajahn Sucitto's talks: The Thermals of Awakening given at IMS on April 18, 2014 – 54 minutes, 36.9 MB Download

Ajahn Jayanto

Ajahn Jayanto entered the monastic community in 1989, training under Ajahn Sumedho and others in the Ajahn Chah forest monasteries in the UK and Thailand. He is the abbot of Temple Forest Monastery, a newly-established branch monastery in the town of Temple, NH.

Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni

Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni is the founder and guiding teacher of Sati Saraniya Hermitage, a training monastery for bhikkhunis in Perth, Canada. She took her first vows with Sayadaw U Pandita in 1988 in Myanmar and she received bhikkhuni ordination in Taiwan in 2007.