Attitude and Awareness, Insight and Integration – SA (9 days)

August 5 – 14, 2016 (Friday to Sunday)

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On this silent retreat, suitable for all, we will cultivate awareness in the stillness of sitting, as well as in all our general activities. This balance of simple yet continuous attention to the direct experience of the mind and body is a powerful foundation for the gradual development of meditative confidence and stability of mind, and for deep insights to arise. These transform our relationship to all life experiences. With awareness in the midst of our daily activities, we can recognize an enduring sense of well-being in every situation.

Traditional teachings and instructions will be offered on mindfulness of mind, body and awareness. The course will also feature two self-scheduled periods, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During these, participants can establish their own rhythm of sitting, walking and other forms of meditation. This helps deepen continuity of mindfulness and faith in our own practice, and strengthens our ability to take the awareness and wisdom developed on retreat out into our day-to-day lives.