Dhamma Everywhere: Awareness with Wisdom Retreat – SUT (14 days)

April 25 – May 9, 2014 (Friday to Friday)

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Includes optional yoga.

Throughout this two-week retreat, open to all, we will practice seeing that dhamma – the true nature of reality – is revealed everywhere. When the mind is clouded by defilements, or negative states such as anger, fear, greed, confusion and ignorance, we are unable to recognize reality accurately because the quality of wisdom is dimmed. When the mind is unclouded, we can recognize the nature of cause and effect and this further strengthens wisdom. Nature is not ‘I,’ not ‘us,’ nor ‘them,’ nor ‘others.’ Whatever happens in the present moment is nature; even defilements become dhamma. If we experience nature as it really is, the mind is free.

Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s teachings will be translated by Moushumi Ghosh (Ma Thet). Observance of the eight monastic precepts, which include abstaining from eating after noon, will be optional. The schedule may include periods of open group sittings. Carol Wilson and Andrea Fella will assist Sayadaw, and an optional period of yoga will be offered daily by Susa Talan.