40th Anniversary Appeal

Help IMS expand access to all!

In honor of our 40th anniversary, we have a very special undertaking. We are only too aware that access to the teachings still presents challenges for many among us. Our heartfelt wish is to ensure that all who seek tools for awakening and freedom can find spiritual refuge at IMS.

To carry forward this work, our 2016 Spring Appeal is dedicated to raising funds in order to:

  • Increase financial assistance for retreatants, allowing more people to pay according to their means.
  • Augment support for teachers, ensuring we have a highly trained, diverse faculty.
  • Make our centers more fully diverse and inclusive, so that retreatants and teachers of all identities, backgrounds and abilities feel a greater sense of welcome.
  • Provide better physical support for an aging population and to those with mobility challenges, by appropriate upgrades to our facilities. 

We invite you to join us in this next stage of IMS’s growth. We are seeking a minimum of $80,000, with an aspiration to reach $400,000 to allow greater funding for these four initiatives. 

We welcome your contribution to any or each of these endeavors. A gift of any size will help us to initiate and extend programs that will expand access to all.

May your generosity benefit all.

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